Conferences Featuring Workshops
We also organise customised conferences featuring workshops for students and researchers. The workshops feature topics which may be of interest to researchers. For example, writing teaching case and teaching notes; how to build your profile to get research funding; and statistical analysis methods for research workers. Some of the benefits of attending conferences featuring workshops are:

  • Learn useful skills and information through the workshops. This can help you in academia.
  • Get insights about the current research in your domain.
  • Get a certificate of attendance
  • Networking opportunity with the conference conductors and attendees
  • Travel to a new place

The costs for such conferences with workshops are different from our standard conference costs and are typically between AUD 2,000 to AUD 3,000 because we have to get specialist conductors for the workshops. We also consider offering discounts to organizations that are sponsoring multiple students for the same event.
The conferences featuring workshops are run with small groups and the venue is typically confirmed a few weeks before the event. Initially, we are only able to provide indicative venues for the event. Sometimes, we have to move the event to an alternate date and venue depending on the final number of attendees.

For any inquiries, please contact